Seeing and Believing

If you have problems with your vision but were told that nothing else could be done for you….

If your quality of life has changed because of your visual impairment….

If you are unable to do the things you want to do because of your vision and you are feeling depressed about this change in your life….

If you are taking care of a relative who has a visual impairment and as a result of this, your quality of life has changed too…..


I am an ophthalmologist and have been practicing general opthalmology and eye care for quite a few years now. During these years, I have encountered patients who have visual problems that were told that nothing could be done for them. It could have been the end stage of a degenerative disease, or a hereditary eye condition or the like. However, they still have vision left. But because they have been told that nothing could be done for them, then they stay home, only to get depressed and feel very helpless and useless. Therefore the quality of life of the people they live with are also affected.

I then decided to specialize on Low Vision and Vision rehabilitation. Low vision is vision that cannot be corrected or improved by glasses, contact lenses, medicines, laser, or surgery. But they still have vision, and that is their residual vision. A low vision specialist helps the person to use that residual vision effectively so that they can go back to what they loved to do, and they can improve the quality of their lives.

I am starting this blog as I remain passionate about this for three important reasons:
FIRST, It is not true that nothing can be done for you. There are devices and solutions on how to get back to functioning daily to improve their lives.
SECONDLY, this subspecialty, although very important is always forgotten, and people are not aware they exist. Low vision treats the whole person, and not just the eye.
THIRDLY, Seeing one patient happy, and telling me, “why was I not told that this existed…for years I have been struggling to read with difficulty”, and to offer a glimmer of hope in their existing cloudy world brings me contentment and happiness.

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