Why didn’t I know about low vision solutions earlier?

I recently had a patient who had his visual impairment from childhood. He went to many doctors and was told that nothing could be done for him. He tried to go to school, and ended up having difficulty coping. He passed elementary but during high school, he was not able to cope and was asked to enroll in the school for the blind. After graduating, he was able to find work in a place who accepts visually impaired people.

When he came to me, he was able to read with just plain LED hand and stand magnifiers, but when he tried out the videomagnifier, he claimed, “why was I not told earlier that there are solutions like these? I could have done better in School, I could have gone to college!!!

If your relatives are visually impaired and were told that nothing can be done for them, don’t forget to ask your doctor about low vision and vision rehabilitation. Indeed there is hope for the visually challenged individuals.

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