What is macular degeneration?

Macular degeneration refers to a group of diseases that affect the macula causing loss of central vision. The macula is the portion of the eye that is responsible for central vision. And, any disease that affects central vision can give rise to difficulty in doing tasks that require your central vision like reading, writing, sewing, and the like.

You will not get blind with age related macular degeneration. You lose your central vision which is you sharp vision, but the peripheral vision remains unchanged. However, when you lose your central vision, you lose your reading ability. It will be difficult to pass a driving test exam and to recognize faces.

Even if blindness is not something they should worry about, (it would be a relief to know this), the disease is still disabling because most of what you do requires using your central vision. IT’s no wonder why people affected with this disease gets depressed.

To detect the onset of the disease, one of the easiest and earliest sign is distortion of your vision. Here, lines, or the center of images may be crooked or bent or faded.

Although treatment for macular degeneration is constantly changing, from laser to intravitreal injections, there are solutions for affected people to go on with their lives. Visual solutions include magnifiers and eccentric viewing training techniques. With these solutions, even while being treated and waiting for their vision to improve, they will be able to maintain their jobs, or even just continue reading.

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