Another ‘aha’ moment

This week, I met a woman with ocular albinism. She has had a visual impairment since childhood. She is now on her late 50s and she owns a famous bakeshop in the province where she lives. She was not part of the appointment list but she decided to stay and wait for her turn. It was about 7 in the evening when I saw her and so after some time of getting to know her, her history, and what her goals are, she summarized what she wanted from me in one sentence. “Doc, I just want to be able to read”. She especially wants to be able to read her bible.

So after the evaluation I showed her some illuminated hand and stand magnifiers with the proper magnification for her. And with that, she was able to read until the smallest print! With it she could even read print as small as the labels in the medicines! She was so happy she then said, doc, what about karaoke? I love to sing but I can’t see the words! Her friend with her laughed and said that singing was her first passion. So I offered a spectacle binocular for her and let her stand the approximate distance of her tv and then I made her read the print as big as the karaoke print she reads and she could read!

She was very happy and said that fate brought us together. She had no intentions of coming to see me but her friend told her that since they were there they should just wait since they live so far. She said she had lost all hope to read and was so ecstatic she could!!!!

Being able to help patients like her make it truly worthy to be in this subspecialty. It’s knowing that with just
making people aware that there may be hope, many people can be helped to improve their lives, or at least be happy with
the life they have now.

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