90 years old and back to work!

Yesterday I saw my 90-year-old patient, (turning 91 this year), who is blind in one eye but has some vision in his other eye. He first came to me last year and asked if I could help him. All he wanted to do was read. He had retired already because of his vision but ever since his wife died, he got really depressed and his former job was willing to take him in as a consultant. He thought it was a good idea as he would forget his loneliness. So he wanted to know if there was a way he could read documents. He has macular degeneration in that better eye.

He was very happy with an illuminated stand magnifier, and so he went home excited to read with this device. A few days later he called to say that his magnifier got stolen when he was in a drugstore. But since he was able to read using it, he had to get another one.

Yesterday he came back and I asked him if he was able to go back to work. And yes he was back. He started as a consultant, but they later on made him corporate secretary, and just recently they added treasurer responsibilities.

He still misses his wife until today, but definitely going back to work has made him happier man.

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