Where’s the light?

good lighting: a neglected tool to improve your reading

If there is anything that is neglected or forgotten, but inexpensive and readily available for the visually challenged individual, it’s LIGHT!

Light however may be a problem being too much for some (light-sensitive people), or having light but not using it properly. For reading purposes, a desk lamp that has a gooseneck or adjustable pole would be the best option. It would be good to bring the light near the reading material. The closer the light, the more light it offers. Make sure there are no shadows on the page of the reading material. Make sure there is no glare.

Many people say they read by the window where there is a lot of sun, and others say their room is brightly lit. However sometimes the light by the sun, or by room lights, are not enough. There is nothing like a gooseneck lamp if you want to last longer reading. If you are using a magnifier that is not illuminated, then you hold the magnifier by the hand opposite where the light source is, to avoid shadows. So if the light source is on your left side, hold your magnifier with your right hand. There are also illuminated magnifiers, that have light so you can bring them anywhere without needing a bright light source.

For visually impaired individuals who have photophobia or are sensitive to light, there are filters or special sunglasses that help. They filter out ultraviolet and infrared light. The color amber enhances contrast, and comes in different shades, depending on your impairment. The filters also can usually be worn over your glasses.

So sometimes, with just large print material, your spectacles, and very good light, you can read as much as you can and longer than usual. And when you go out of the house and there is too much glare, then use amber-colored filters.

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