Good things happen to people that patiently yearn

I saw a young lady a few months ago who had to stop school after she finished high school. It was just too difficult for her to handle the school work because of her vision. She has a condition that affects the nerves of the eye (optic nerve), which she developed as a child. As she grew up, her vision began to slowly deteriorate. For this impairment affecting the optic nerve, she was told that there was no medical or surgical treatment option for her. She came for low vision consultation, and when I asked her what she wanted to do, she said she wanted to go back to school. We tried several devices. She was happiest  with the bioptic telescope. With it, she was able to see 20/20 and although she knew there was a learning curve on how to use it properly, she was determined to learn and use the device. “I can see! I can see!. Dad, I want this telescope!”. Unfortunately, the telescope is very expensive. But she wanted it. She said it will be very useful for her because with it, she will be able to see the blackboard, and see her computer too. I saw the sad face of her father. His expression said it all. (She wants it so much and I want to give it to her, but I can’t). So they told me they would think about it and get back to me if they were going to order it.  Months passed and I would be checking on her but she kept postponing her return. She finally came back and said she wanted the bioptic telescope and she was ready to order. She even enrolled for the next school term. So she tried the device again and was really happy. Her parents were smiling now and they said they can get it for her now. I thought she had given up.  Then she told her story. She would go everyday to church and pray that she would be able to get the device so she can go back to school. Then one day, one of the church members donated an amount to her. Much to her surprise, she donated the whole amount needed!

 I was touched with her story. Her desire to go back to school and to learn was very inspiring. This is one student who will not rejoice when classes are suspended!  She is very eager to go to school. This girl wished, and she wished harder.  Her impairment was not an obstacle. Instead, her motivation and enthusiasm made her want and dream.  I know that her dreams will become a reality.

Bioptic telescope by Ocutech

 It is a telescope mounted into eyeglasses that are very light and portable. They are convenient to use as they leave your hands free! It improves your distance vision (watching tv, recognizing faces), and has an adjustable knob for intermediate vision like for computer work, playing cards, painting, and the like.

4 thoughts on “Good things happen to people that patiently yearn”

  1. Dear Reinventingvision,

    I heard low vision devices are being sold in some CD-R King stores. Are these safe?


    1. Hi Esperanza

      I have checked out the devices in cd r king. They are very affordable and can be used. However, the ones available are of the lower magnification range (1.5x-3x, occasionally 5 x.)The lenses of the magnifiers are not aspheric so there is more distortion especially at the edges. I think this is useful for people without a visual impairment. They use it to read small print, menus, medicine labels etc. However, these types of magnifiers may not be as useful for a person with a visual impairment. They would have difficulty seeing with these devices It’s a challenge enough that glasses can’t help them , so the quality of the lenses of the devices must not be compromised. This is just my opinion.

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