Stand Magnifiers

These are commonly used for tasks such as reading, writing, or doing hobbies. This is especially for extended near tasks. Since there is a fixed distance between the lens and the object you are looking at, accommodation is required so you should use your reading glasses if you have one. This causes less fatigue because the magnifier rests flat on the page. However, it is not a hands free device, and it is not that portable. Children have and easier time using stand magnifiers.

Illuminated LED stand magnifiers come in different magnifications. 3x, 5x, 7x, 10x
They stay flat on the page so fatigue is less.
When used with a bookstand, the hand holding the stand magnifier rests and does not shake.
Dome magnifier, bar magnifier and a page magnifier. The page and bar magnifier come in low magnifications 1.5x to 2x, while the dome magnifier comes in 5x magnification.




This is an illuminated stand magnifier from Eschenbach which is designed like a computer mouse and is easy to use. This has an aspheric lens with a 5X magnification or 20 diopter power. It also contains LED lights for bright illumination.


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