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Headworn Magnifier

This loupe magnifier for near task enables you to use both your hands for the task. this is good for writing, sewing or other crafts. It also comes in different magnifications from 2x to 4x and the higher the magnification, the nearer the distance from your eye to the object.


There are also clip on telescopes for near tasks



The NOIR fit-overs are filters worn over your glasses that absorb both ultraviolet and infrared. They have good protection from the glare. It comes in different colors but the amber colors enhances contrast. Depending on your disease there is a shade that would be right for you and enhance your vision.

Closed Circuit Television


This mouse connects to a television or a desktop computer. When connected you put the mouse over the material you want to read and it projects on the screen. This can magnify to as high as 60x magnification. You can also select the background color. Especially if you are used to using a mouse for the computer, this will be easy to learn to use.

Aumed Video Magnifier