The Optelec FarView


Video magnifiers are devices that magnify the object by use of a camera, that projects the enlarged image onto a projector or screen. It provides the highest magnification possible for any device. They also have display options that can change the color of the fonts or the background to enhance contrast for the reader. This specific video magnifier has an option to magnify for distance too.

Stand Magnifiers

These are commonly used for tasks such as reading, writing, or doing hobbies. This is especially for extended near tasks. Since there is a fixed distance between the lens and the object you are looking at, accommodation is required so you should use your reading glasses if you have one. This causes less fatigue because the magnifier rests flat on the page. However, it is not a hands free device, and it is not that portable. Children have and easier time using stand magnifiers.

Illuminated LED stand magnifiers come in different magnifications. 3x, 5x, 7x, 10x
They stay flat on the page so fatigue is less.
When used with a bookstand, the hand holding the stand magnifier rests and does not shake.
Dome magnifier, bar magnifier and a page magnifier. The page and bar magnifier come in low magnifications 1.5x to 2x, while the dome magnifier comes in 5x magnification.




This is an illuminated stand magnifier from Eschenbach which is designed like a computer mouse and is easy to use. This has an aspheric lens with a 5X magnification or 20 diopter power. It also contains LED lights for bright illumination.


Around the Neck Magnifier


Perfect for tasks where you need both hands like sewing, knitting, or other hobbies. This also provides a large field of view. Magnification is usually 2x but some have an additional bifocal lens of about 4x magnification. The cord that hangs it around the neck allows you to adjust the distance.

Multipurpose CCTV

This multipurpose video magnifier attaches to an LCD screen. It can magnify objects for near vision, and can magnify images at a distance. This is ideal for classroom activities to see the blackboard, then read and write notes. It also comes in a portable travel bag. You can also use this to put make up on. There is a large magnification range and you can also change the display mode to what suits your vision. It also has the function for left or right handedness.

Headworn Magnifier

This loupe magnifier for near task enables you to use both your hands for the task. this is good for writing, sewing or other crafts. It also comes in different magnifications from 2x to 4x and the higher the magnification, the nearer the distance from your eye to the object.


There are also clip on telescopes for near tasks



The NOIR fit-overs are filters worn over your glasses that absorb both ultraviolet and infrared. They have good protection from the glare. It comes in different colors but the amber colors enhances contrast. Depending on your disease there is a shade that would be right for you and enhance your vision.

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