VES sport  made it easier for me to see objects and read from afar. 

It is more convenient for me to use particularly during lectures in class, in reading the menu in fast food chains, when using the computer, also when reading books.

It is also easier for me to find someone in the middle of a crowd, in reading signage along the streets, and when watching plays in theater.  

On the other hand, it could have been more helpful for us if the magnification is higher, but aside from that, using this device has been a great help in my everyday living.

-KARINA FUENTES                            

Somehow, I managed to come up with a little remedy by using binoculars and magnifying glasses for distant and near objects respectively. The beauty of bioptic telescope aside from performing both the duties of these devices is that it can also do what these devices cannot such as reading mid-range objects.

 Being a Civil engineer, bioptics has helped me both in office and field works. I can now read plans and make reports on computer without being too close to it, reducing the stress and inconvenience. I am still practicing it during field inspection though.


I’m Anna Garcia a low vision person, one of the patient of Dr. Carmela Ongsiako.

   When the time came that I had a bioptic glass I can now do things which I can’t do before like using computer and watching TV. I’m always wearing my bioptic glass everytime I’m watching TV so that I can see clearly the faces of the people and can read the words on TV same as when I’m using computer.

 I also wearing my bioptic glass when I’m writing so that I can write in normal writing distance because before when I’m writing my face is very close to the paper.


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